Can´t load arena or soccer

Drathcula 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 5

Hello there..

I have a few bugs, which started happening today. I was able to film them so I will just post a ytb link for you..

1. Everybody is dead in soccer - i was there practically alone for all three rounds, it was just about killing everybody once and then they wont respawn.. video is from the last round when everybody was already dead. 


2. When staying in the queve for arena / soccer and you decide to play while waiting this bug will occur - sometimes it will also takes your golds like you lose the match.. 

3. Is it somehow possible to hide the patreon icon? I supported wilds long time ago and i don´t feel like I deserved it any more. 


I have the same problem. 


Can confirm 1: Just got out of a football match, everyone except me had same flag, and at the end the one who killed a last bot was just running into the corner. It was really easy to win, but it doesn't feel like a win. Everyone was a bot.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

Back with another case: It seems like people are either quitting the queue right before they're put in-game, or being forced to leave by a bug in the code. At first I saw two bots, with a few normal bots. Then the only non-bot left was someone wielding a hammer, I said sorry to said person and ended the game there with a 3rd consecutive goal.

Summary: Some weird shit is going on with Football.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

I would say that the reason why there are confused bots in soccer is the number 2, I joined soccer throught waiting in lobby (dont playing, just watching the timey thing rotating) but others, who plays the "time saving" game wont be able to join it. So even if there were enough players to start the game, only 1 - 3 will actually join and the others are unressurectionable bots (sometimes even with names of the players - but without flag)

So, I managed to film the whole match of soccer..

you can see there that:

  1. bots have players names
  2. bots are without flags
  3. they will not ressurect when killed - or when you score
  4. At the 40s of the video, the bot have a grenade from the begging of the round