Laucher Wilds.io

Phroenix 2 years ago • updated by J4sh1n 2 years ago 4
Hello, rezoner I would like to give you an idea for wilds.io and I think
 it will bring benefits ...
I think that if Wilds.io had a Laucher to download I think it
 would give to add things that do not give in internet browsers,
 or else things you can not do in the Java Script Program ...

wilds.io is an io game so i don't think it needs a download

Friend, did you read the description of the post?
 '' It can bring benefits to the wilds.io '' 
if the wilds.io had a lacucher think would give for much more things without a
 winery, and still more: the wilds.io laucher would not weigh much because in this version
 he is not Should weigh even 3gb.

Its not as accesible Phroenix this idea is kind of stupid in a way sorry. But wilds lacks players theres no logic in making a launcher which isnt needed and make it screw over wilds's lifeline.


Stop typing in that font and type like a normal person