In-Game HUD - Glitched Stamina Bar?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

Topic of Interest: While playing the game, I've noticed the issue of the stamina bar not recovering on its first bar — not the second. Giving time for it to charge; I decided to stop moving. It wouldn't regenerate when empty. This has occurred numerous times in numerous games. 

Youtube video

The 2nd bar isnt supposed to be regn

it was like that since the beginning of the game

oh sorry thought u ment2nd, otherwise idk

The wording confused me

Apologies, this forum post was of my first 'rushed' posts for I was late for a personal event. Thanks for the constructive criticism. More in-depth posts will be made in the future.

You can try to use your time :)


First time i see this bug.

Negative stamina still exist? I thought it's fixed.

i don't see this happen

There are two stamina bars in the bottom of the HUD, correct? One of those stamina bars are to regenerate when the player in-game is not running, kicking, attacking, etc. (basically not using any form of stamina). In the video provided above, the bar is not regenerating and the player was simply walking (which does not require any stamina usage). This is why it is a bug.