some of my ideas

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hello! its me Ifram. Today (and several months ago) i had some ideas. Now we´re going to see them

1st: my first idea is a new weapon that almost nobody thinks about... a SCYTHE (somehow it got to a freking desert so don´t ask me how) this weapon´s damage should be kinda worst than the sword´s

like maybe 1.1 its attack rate would be like a hammer´s but a little bit faster its range should be a little less than a spear its special ability is... he puts down a trap made of... well idk how to call this thing but... ITS DARK! it is a 3-2 second stun wich cant be moved so it requires a bit of skill (and your opponent to be a dumbass like me) to use it perfectly. it should cost 2500? maybe.

2nd:my second idea is called weight of the crown when you´re king you start getting information about a riot in your kingdom. Then you start getting buffs and de-buffs for example:

don´t trust the weaponsmith: you´ve been receiving information about riots and your weaponsmith is being kinda suspicious nowadays 25% chance of taking 1 damage when using a knife

weaponsmith´s trust: The information about the weaponsmith was FALSE! he´s still loyal to you and he promised that he will even uprage your knifes!  25% of dealing 1 extra damage to an enemy with a knife

3rd: And last but not least here we have my last idea. its called BONES EMPOWERMENT each 100 bones you collect your special will be upgraded. The posible upgrades are

Special duration: your special lasts more seconds (3-5 maybe?) 

Special damage: your special deals 1 extra damage (weapons like spear will get jump even MORE far away)

Special speed:you move 2%faster after using your special (sword moves faster WHILE using its special)

i believe that these ideas could do 2 things. One being so gud! and second make the game unbalanced as a sword vs fist without shield, kick or roll.

 I hope that you liked my ideas and if you didnt let me know!   

                                                                                        -Ifram. BOW BEFORE THE CRUSADE!


You need to simplify your ideas and think about "Does this fit into the theme of the game?" Also, scythe has been suggested so many times, but you're getting there

Actually Jashin, there has been only 3 mentions of a scythe, not "so many times", don't you think? One includes my post and this topic. Or are you talking about in other areas related to Wilds? The world may never know.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

hmmm i will try to do so and ty

*whisping* deus vult!..