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Lost my 1000 moneys

Phroenix 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 9
Today 5/15 when I reached 1000 coins I went to buy a tribe,
 and I created it after a while I went to look at the guild and it was gone :(

please check

Under review

What is your name in the game 

and have you tried writing /recover_tribe in the game

ps: Have you kicked yourself out of the guild :) ?

Hi, My name in the game is Phroenix, I already gave recover,
 and before I created a guild I participated in one, then I got rid of this
 guild and went to create another, it was normal until I came back and see that it
 had disappeared ..

And what is the name of your new guild that you have lost?

Angel Slayer

Are you sure you have tried  /recover_tribe in main menu chat? You are clearly owner of that guild it should work.

Yes I already tried, I'll try again, wait ...
did not work :/
Oh, now it worked! Thanks :)