Throwback week- all previous maps and game states- IDEA

Knight of Rage 3 years ago updated by Egzekutor 3 years ago 3

I just came back from a short break from Wilds, and I found myself missing some of the old Ruins and CTF maps, as well as the good old original Desert map. I think it would be great to look back on Wilds's roots/history and do a week where you can fight on every map that was presented on Wilds (save for those first few CTF maps that came and went really fast when the gamemode was first released).

This initial idea got me thinking about the history of Wilds, and I think it would be really cool to hold a special event where Wilds reverted back to previous states for a limited time: first, we could see Rezoner's Survival Game, then the pre-alpha Wilds (the one where everyone had three health each), then the Wilds 2.0 update, then present. I feel this event would get players to respect the evolution of the game and value it for what it is: truly the best and most complex IO game on the internet.

So basically, memorial day for Wilds'io's history and development?

UMmm yea all for the memory!

why no deadmeme event :( rip doge and spongegar

It's possible soon Rez bring back desert map only with melee weapons. But with other maps can be problem, because probably Rez not have saved old maps. But it's possible i think wrong. 

I like this idea but this can be hard to implement if Rez not have saves with maps.

And i really want see again mechanic with growing when you get higher płace in leaderboard.