Invisible and unkillable bot running around ruins

Dziewczynka 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 18

There's a bot running around ruins, nothing can kill him, we tried bombs, doors, mines, he even won't fall in the hole. Literally can't die.

Image 1337


One of the secret test objects escaped from Rezoner's lab xD

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Taris world boss SWTOR

I hope this one will not escape? :D

To wygląda jak postać ze Street Sharks, które leciało na Polsacie kilkanaście lat temu :D

Subject Alpha, World Boss z Taris lvl 22 Star Wars The Old Republic. ok. 600 tys. HP


Then theres one option left


Does he damage you?

I've seen one of these unkillable bots around before. It wasn't invisible, but it did do damage.

Yes, he can attack and use special attacks too. He has an axe.

Maybe you couldn't kill him because he was on your team?

I could see him (blond german mercenary guy).You can block his attacks, unarm him, but anything else is ineffective. He could hit you, yes. He only followed and attacked rank 1 in ruins. Real pain in the *ss!

After some time he started following me, when I had the most points. Weird stuff.

I haven't seen it

Maybe it's not a bot...you were just trying to blow up a floating name...the ghost of Rollo :)

No. Everyone could see him, and tried to kill him with various things, doors, bombs, mines, nothing worked as I said.


Maybe you and your team are schizophrenic

Its from the goblin spawn The mechas accidently released it into wilds causing havoc