new weapon: elemental shamanic claws

ifram 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 13

hi! its me ifram

i have an idea

a weapon that will be like constantly changing its mechanics for this weapon it should be ELEMENTS like earth, wind, fire and water

this weapon will change with each 20 hits

earth style: moves 20% or 10% slower and does 0.5 more damage its special ability should be like a more powerful shockwave.

fire style: moves 10% faster and its attacks deal 0.1 extra damage its special ability should be like a fire nova that will deal 2 damage to enemies near him.

water style: moves 5% faster and has a passive 1hp regen each 5 or 3 seconds its special ability should be a 7 hp regen to itself.

wind style: moves 30% faster and... well nothing else its ultimate ability should be a 50% increased speed and attack speed.

the weapon could look like a modified claws with earth swinging around in earth style , fire in fire style , water in water style, and wind in wind style.

this could be too much to add and also #rezonerneedstoeat

wtf happened to that cat?


It read your post. It's going to vet in 30.02.2018

ok i get it no new weapons :P

and also why the no no no cat?

what do you dont like about this?

let me know and i will try to fix it in my next idea

We already have claws, and they don't change fight style like in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Nova should be OP, increasing speed could destroy balance in game, shockwave must be only in axe, extra damage with fastest attack rate means like not-funny joke. HP regen? OK, but not one only two HP regen after USING HEALTH POTION?!! Wind style is best at all. Maybe when you have wind style active you can fly? I'm going to create 10.000 accounts to use them to downvote this topic.

ok ok ok so....

my ideas are always shit :P

This is your first topic, my first topic was downvoted too (more than your), but now many players doesn't need new weapons. Not all players has spear and claws.

PS. Sorry for my previous comment, at 11 PM I'm more aggressive :P

The changing mechanic is interesting, but a lot of these effects are too op. See if you can balance it up a little. And feel proud of yourself. it's a pretty legit first topic. ;)

ty for believing in me :3

i would downvote my own topic if i could xD