Tribe chat option

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by Mati2709 7 years ago 5

Today I was chatting not on global with friend from tribe and I thought "Why we don't have separate chat for tribe members?". On country chat people from same country and near me still hear me (yes, I know, not "hear", but "read" - but it's easier to write xD), so Tribe Chat could be only for tribe members from same "room" and people near players using this chat can't read it if not from same tribe... What do you think?


Shaking my head so hard. Like do you follow up on posts even? Its already been said a gazillion times other than that ok?


The more, the better. This is to imply want wilds players really want. Rez is not active lately too

He is not much active only on forum, but i'm sure he works hard.

To się naprawdę przyda.