Idea for forts - cooperative construction

pooperton 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 5

I realize the fort is a test, but I absolutely hate the fact that only one class of player can enter it. However, I think it would be great if a team of people (say, 4 people) could knock down trees to collect wood, then combine their inventories to build a fort. The fort in turn would be destructible by other players of opposite teams, but it would take a good bit of damage to bring it down.

I realize the game doesn't currently have a mechanism for people to interact with their inventories in such a way, but it would introduce an interesting game mechanism.


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Rez said palisades probably will be destroyable and placeable... my discussion with Egz helped.


Exactly Lol its already been said before follow up and make sure to read things before you make an idea as its needed. Aswell it renders the post obsolete