New weapon: Dagger (poisoned)

drrrt964 3 years ago updated by Poke Hano 3 years ago 13

Idea about a new weapon: Dagger with poison.

Same movement than spear.

scope just like the claws.

.50 of damage, very fast attack.

charge attack 1 of damage and .25 for poisoned every 1.5 sec, until three times (1.75 damage total)

Special become invisible (for 7 secs, if you run, cancel the effects, if someone do damage to you or if you attack too.)

If you attack being invisible, you do the double of damage like a charge attack and poison effect. (1.75 damage) (just the first attack, because you already visible)

Throw weapon 1.5 damage and poison effect (2.25 damage total)

plus special: you can throw 3 times the dagger, after you throw the three, you need to wait the same time, to recovery the weapon.

Note: if is hard become someone invisible for you Rezoner, i think in other special.

Alternative Special: Throw a bomb of gas than cause poison .25 damage every 1.5 sec. until 5 times (1.75 damage total, Same that the other special).

Is like the bomb than is in the game, but just poisoned the players, and with a radius like the mine. (or more bigger)
maybe is a nice idea too for a new item :)
what do you think guys?



This is a really nice idea! I can see you put a lot of time into it, because it looks very balanced! +


Same I agree this is a good post

Thanks, I check wikia to see the damage of the weapons, for the dagger be balanced :)


Instead of poisoned dagger, just dagger, poison can be an item


Isn't that picture from Epic Battle fantasy 3, drrrt964? Like the cat that uses S.P. if you give him cat food as a quest?


im not have any experience but

how this

Nice :D but apart the dagger would have another design


if you not see is a happy face :D