In-Game Dialogue - Text Issues?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 3

Topic of Interest: I've noticed this issue when communicating with others in-game regardless and it only appears in the text box above the players head that typed the comment. This can possibly be a bug, script issue, or a simple font fix. But just knowing it is half the battle - knowing how to fix it is the other half.

Image 1160

Possible Solution: This only occurs when the character types something with quotation marks. An example will be made below. Maybe a possible coding error, font issue, etc?

Player: "Who sows virtue reaps honor." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Expected End Result: "Who sows virtue reaps honor." (Leonardo da Vinci)

Player: "Who sows virtue reaps honor." (Leonardo da Vinci)

End Result: "Who sows virtue reaps honor. & quot ; (Leonardo da Vinci)

This only occurs above the players in-game text box.

That's the special character code for a quotation mark. When a player gives a quotation mark to the script it messes with it since one of the parameters would be a string. My best guess would be a lack of error handling (fixable but still not that urgent).

in the infamous words of TheGhostInTheMachine: "Always sanitize your input &qout

No seriously tho, it's probably because of improper handling of input strings.

Lol the image I posted on Discord