Add bunny ears hat skin

Egzekutor 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Hi because is easter i came up with the idea to add a cap / head covering related to this event, just like Santa's hat. I think the rabbit ears will be a really cool and funny headdress that will fit not only in easter.

All the more so for the female character this will fit perfectly and in addition players will have some souvenir after Easter.

Tell what you think about it and happy Easterday for everyone :]

Regards, Egzekutor


Anime fans will be happy)

I think hats like santa hat and bunny ears should be possible to buy only during events, but they are unique :)

And dog ears with dog nose. Girls will be happy! :D

Rez if you not have time for it just tell me how you make sprites for hats and i can make it :D Or if you don't like this idea just say :)

Blender. He uses a 3D blender model to get all the angles of the 2d sprite.

I thought so. But to do sprites I need dimensions, etc.