Zoom out + archer + dark potion = too overpower

Endel Dreyer 2 years ago • updated by Paradoc 2 years ago 2

It's really fun to do this, but I'm certain other players find this quite annoying. I've seen somebody else doing this, and it's really difficult to stay alive without "hacking" with the zoom.

Step 1: Pick archer

Step 2: Zoom out a lot (ctrl + -)

Step 3: Gather as many dark potions as you can

Step 4: Kill everybody else quite easily

(You can only do this in a brown / silver team, since being wild will make your copies kill each other)

Some ideas to fix this can be:

- Force the same resolution for everyone, even if you have a bigger screen.

- Reduce the duration of dark potions

- Have a maximum number of dark potions active


clones, although fun, are ruining the balance of the game

It's not "overpowered," you just don't know how to defend yourself. I can list many many ways, but not gonna waste my time.