Kendrell Conerly 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 4 years ago 6

Such eloquence, a masterful creation


Future is incoming - in 2018 Rez will fight with posting topics for ex. "asdf" or "qwerty", topics with descriptions will become rare, Seva become happiest in the world because of people like he on userecho. Anyone can give me a knife?

Azia tribes on EU server.Wait, i am bring two knifes...


Thanks. *Gets one of them* Khrghhh *sound of cutting the head (my own)* [2 minutes later...] Thanks again for knife *gives knife back to Maldar*

Rezoner already said that he doesn't want to see any more topics about boss

Ah, so that's why this topic exists - Kendrell Conerly wants to make Rez angry!