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Clones into Decoys

swordy the GOAT 2 years ago • updated by Paradoc 2 years ago 8

Clones should work more like decoys rather than actual players that do damage.

The decoys should look as they have exact same armor, health, points as the main player but their attacks should not do damage. This would be more fitting to the 'mirage' name as well

I feel like this would make them more balanced and it would be alot more interesting on the game field


Very Interesting idea. Much better solution than actual clones, especially with bows or wands.

yeah i think it is a better solution, it will make the game a little more tactical rather than just a spam arrows-and-magic-fest

Replace the repetition of actions on artificial intelligence for copies.

nah the decoys should still copyu the main players just not do ay damage, just work as distractions

I really dont think decreasing the attack of the clones is a big help in the newer upate. The core fundametals of the game dont allow for clones, as soon as you get ht with your shield up you shield goes down.

Example: If you have five clones firing arrows at you, you can only block 1 of those arrows and then its auto death, the admins really need to look into this

Under review

Why can you only block one arrow?

If the clones work as decoys, their not gonna be real distractions. The opponent would go straight for the controller(non-decoy) because the decoys would pose no real threat. However, if it is with the original clones, distractions are real. Also, it is a little bit challenging to control all those clones at once, especially when you are running away. The clone potions are also a little rare. So, DONT CHANGE IT