Bug, Hacker or Test?

Dead Wolf 2 years ago • updated by Egzekutor 2 years ago 16

I think everyone noticed that, what happened?


i love how people are nit picking THEY are sooooo acoustic


"Acoustic" is probably the new "edgy" meme for "autistic". Either way, edgy memes are stupid. Or am I just uninformed of something?

@seraph no its acoustic like sound bugs etc you follow?

This guy used bug for gain points on pvp. Rez already got PM about it.

Hello, he is my friend, and I talk to him, and he says that he arrive cleanly to the top, that beat Raaq, Lobito (lol), and others, that he is not a hacker or take advantage of some bug.

He used the error, I took screenshots of this, one more important thing: Raaa has all the glasses in place. Tell him that he cannot deny it. :V

You need to understand Spanish, but basically reaffirm what I say, he's really scared, please do not take it out of the game :(

Rezoner will simply remove all his arena points. .-. By the way, why does he change his nickname from time to time?

me and raa raq we are friends, we did not enter in 1v1 a week

How did he kill rezak if I kill walking normally?

I'm sorry, Lobito, but what you're saying contradicts what you said a moment ago in the game...

Not seen in the chat, but before I asked if walking Z win you in the arena ... then actually i translated what you say, and it say than 1 or 2 times Walking win, so... Here are the proofs.

Y solo para agregar, nose que le estaban diciendo a mi compañero mientras no estaba, pero cuando entre al juego mire muchos comentarios en contra de walking, malos obviamente (Shut up, Fuck you, Mierda)...

Yo creo que aparte de que si hizo trampa o no, no deberían tratarlo así, afecta negativamente a la persona y al juego.

No queremos convertirnos en otro "League of legends"


And just to add, I do not know what they were saying to my partner, while I was not, but when I enter to the game look at many comments against walking, obviously bad (Shut up, Fuck you, Shit) ...

I believe that apart from whether or not cheating, should not treat it like this, negatively affects the person and the game.

We do not want to become another "League of Legends"

Incluso fui en la misma arena contra él y ganó uno en 1v1 y 3v3 enmás tiempo que esto ha sucedido, no ahora que ha llegado a 1000 y la pena que me mata y me llamó un novato

Acabo de decir que no debería haber llegado a 1.000 normalmente y que además de haber alcanzado este objetivo he'm pensando que era pro

It's ok Lobito, I can't do anything else, the creators have the power, just to finish I want that to understand, what you guys will do the same to defend your tribe mates.


You can tell to walking z he not get banned. Only reset pvp score. Also i checking the pvp score everyday and i can confirm anyone player on top not lose points. He use the same bug that some time ago used Tuxtron and with this bug, he can initiate pvp fights with bots.