Training mode bugs list!

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0

It scares my how many bugs you can do in practice mode - something like learning in-game bugs mode.

1. Clones bug #1

Image 1077

If you go into a corner and keep going into this - your clone will become "MASTER HACKER WHAT CAN GO THROUGH THE GAMEWALL!!!1!!!3!#!@2#$1~!"

Do you saw other weird bug on first screenshot?

2. Clones bug #2

Image 1078

If you use the black (mirage) potion - bots will not spawn so you are safe.

Image 1079

Of course those bots can hurt themselves - but they do everything same like you, so there's no fun.

3&4. Bots intelligence & Invisible weapon at attack

Image 1080

3 - Bots with weapons created to melee are fighting like they has to fight, but with wands and bows they are fighting like with melee weapon, so they are less challenge. Of course, they can still freeze you and shot fire arrow into you.

4 - Anyone see Kili's bow?(No, I didn't disarm him - he attack me with bow)

5. Spawn with 1 hp

Image 1081

Rollo spawned next to me with ONLY one HP. This is quite weird.

6. After kill

After the moment of your death, bot is moving in one selected direction, and before player don't spawn, he will keep moving in this direction.

Image 1082

(Oin decided to go to north-east corner of map.)

7. Same team bot

I can't hit him, someone help?! (This happened to me only one time, after this I didn't had any problems with killing my... ergh... teammates.. :D)

My comment is only just six words: What The F**k is going here!?