jojogamer114 3 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago 6

it is really ANNOYING when u just started the game and walking around and then a swarm of people just shoot a swarm of arrows or throwing knives then they kill u instantly! they keep on doing it until i leave the game.so please if u r reading this please think about it.

Kick those knives at good moment, so you can do massacre.

I got spawned and someone came with 16(!) clones. He throw a knives into me, so I kick this and make they go into real player. MAGIC.

PS. Do the same with arrows and ice bolts.


Consider what he is saying. Possibly many new players are going to leave the game because of clones.

We don't need new players who will leave because of a petty ragequit. THey should leave.

it's called kick, genious.

*Sigh Patriate, we all have to start somewhere. We were all noobs once. Besides, If there were no new players, there would be no more buyers and that wouldn't help the player count increase m8. So shut up and stop thinking that we don't need more noobs because we need them for alternative "punching bags". So until they get better, they are stuck with us.