What is this game becoming?

BlackDiamondPL 3 years ago updated by BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 3 years ago 2

I like changes in the game, but come on! Duplicating yourself?! Do you remeber these old times. You were just fightng LIKE IN A NORMAL GAME. I am not saying that i hate it. It's opposite and that's a problem, but what is wilds.io becoming! I love wilds.io, but it seems like i need to leave.

Somebody might say "Then just leave, nobody will care". Then think how it was before. You were excited for new update and you were waiting for it so badly! Now it's like "oh, rez added this and this".


I hate to shoot your idea down, but I still get really excited when new updates come out and I've actually been playing more since the new updates.