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give me my money!

Çağdaş Demiralp 7 years ago updated by Jing An Tew 7 years ago 15

i bought claws but claws are bad 3000 for nothing 1 attack damage and low range pls give me my money! and dash ... when you using this dash skill player uses shield to stun!

pls take my claws

and you cant run fast like using fist

Under review

I am increasing damage to 1.25 and range by 30%

It is almost 2x faster than axe.

Has the sword damage been decreased? I noticed that the damage has decreased in practice mode. If it has been decreased, this makes the hammer more worth it compared to the sword considering that it is just 1000 coins compared to 2400 coins. I have bought the hammer so I cannot see the cost.

P.S. The weapon animations for the hammer, sword are slightly outdated, pls change them as the hammer cannot one shot one kill a player.

Yes the sword deals less damage but is faster than axe or hammer.

Oh I didnt notice.
may I know the times you are mostly on this userecho server. It would be much easier to talk to you

in 5 minutes.

Can you allow all the weapons to be available in the training mode so that we can try hone our skills in training mode using all different weaponsI find that i am bad at weapons that I cannot use but I get them from treasure chest

Please it will be very useful


Yes I was planning that for some time. I will add it with the next update.

Great to know that I was not the only guy who thought of that!

And also I made a post on a possible hammer buff but it was overweighed by other posts so can you pls buff the hammer and make it more expensive.
it does the same damage as the sword but the special ability is next to useless compared to the sword

now i know how to use that weapon and increased power i dont want my money

But I do want free money though