Proposed Balance Changes 26/3/17

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Balance Changes Proposal: March 26, 2017

-Reduce AOE of hammer special to direct hits only.

-Increase hammer special damage from 2 to 3 (on all hits).

-Increase axe special range 100%.

-Change the AOE of axe special to a 30 degree cone.

-Increase the speed of the shockwave 50%.

-All special attacks should consume ½ bar of stamina.

-switch stamina bars around: have the regenerating one burn first, then the reserve bar should be the one only replenishable by orbs and potions.

-arrows, bow special, and wand special should not be deflected by kick.

-All projectiles should do 0.5 damage when blocked (with the exception of wand projectiles)

-Melee charge attack should consume ¼ bar of stamina, and do 2.5 damage. It also takes 20% longer to charge.

-charge attack should have a short ‘wind-down’ period (0.2 seconds, maybe?) where you can’t do another action, this is to limit fake charge attacks (you should have to commit to a charge attack, not start one and then animation cancel it)

Why these changes? I would like to see axe and hammer be more competitively viable, but also more unique (not just varied versions of the same move.) Thus, hammer is more rewarding, but only single-target and harder to land; and axe is more versatile and actually viable as an alternate support disrupter attack. Also, after the big charge attack nerfs, it isn’t actually viable and a competitive player would never use it in a real combat situation. So, I make it more expensive but more rewarding. 2.5 damage is useful, but not unbearable strong. Bow and wand buffs because they suck in competitive play, any competent player will just stay with sword. I feel by making arrows unkickable, it might actually be picked, lol.

I hope these changes are taken into consideration.

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You said you did this topic, I read it, and I agree with this idea. Upvote and bump.

this topic is irrelevent, it's too old

0,5 damage for THE RPOJECTILE REALLY -_- but i still upvote

Irrevelent, but I got for you some more points to you average. You don't need to thank me :D

this is to long, so i didn't read any of this