Different Hair Styles

Holidayhome 7 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 7 years ago 8

I don't really like the beard, but i thought it would be cool to have the option to choose form 4-5 different hair styles like the hats. Some could have mustaches, beards, or just hair. You could also have the option to be bold.

Please reply REZ

I fucking LOVE the beard :)

looks badass!

You might(i dont have anything against that) but for the people that dont they might like to choose a different style


Maybe have the beard grow the longer you play, so a really old player will have a really long beard, whereas a noob will won't have one.

he doesn't like the beard becasue he's 12 years old.


Lol i thought somebody might say that, but how do you know?

With the beard you look like a badass dude who's gona wreck shit