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Heavy lags in wilds.io! 2nd problem.

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

When on cmd with code "ping wilds.io -t", i'm getting THIS replies:

Image 969

But if on "ping wp.pl -t"...

Image 970

Do something with this servers!!!

Seriously, I think you should not have posted this topic, it's very unnecessary. (my opinion.)

I feel like people are allowed to post what they would like as long as it doesn't break a rule :/ So please

What part of (my opinion) did not you read?

When i was winning on arena 1v1, game totally stopped (guy from same fight said he had full lag too), and i check ping. At first Heavy lags in wilds.io Rez answered game is on many little servers in the world, but he cant do big servers to delete those lags. Make this game playable!

Under review

As I have already explained it - pinging HOSTING have nothing to do with game servers. I have 32ms ping, and I am on a mobile internet. Maybe you have your cache disabled and it has to load all the graphics every time?

I was just playing wilds.io, happy there's no lags. And then everything stopped, on my computer and my enemy's computer when on 1v1 arena. If there would be any problems with cache, in "ping wp.pl -t" i could have same lags, but they was 20ms like people see on photos. Something is just wrong with your servers.