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Lost all my saved coins from buying a weapon i didnt even get

soccerfandylan 123 4 years ago updated by Solomon Strong 4 years ago 18

When i went to buy the wizard staff it took my coins like it should but i never got my weapon. Please fix or hopefully give it back to me

Under review

No worries - what's your hero name?

hopefully you see this and you can help me

It was the wizard staff? I dont know the name its the ice staff or something what can you do about it

I mean - what is YOUR name in the game :)

oh sorry soccerfandylan

Apparently I lost my bow too... i guess we should have a thread to report this till shop gets fixed.

IGN same as here.

what's your name in the game

Same as here. ;)

Someone tried to joke Rez, by lying he bought something and loose this item? xD

Pretty sure Rez can see if you bought something earlier etc.

I have a database table that keeps all purchases for a month, although I hope the bug is fixed.

So if i will buy something, you will know it?


i tried to buy the ice wand and it took my money but i didnt recieve anything im pretty upset about this and cant wait till it gets fixed

When did this happen? I hold all transactions in databse so I can verify the purchase - I just need a date :)

my name in the game is MachoMoose

plz give me my staff or money