Guilds bug

Poke Hano 2 years ago • updated by Rezak 2 years ago 4

Its possible to have no players in a guild but the guild still exists and at the same time the guild can still be on the map

My friends guilds Micky Mouse Club House is still there even though no one is in it thus its just useless space. SO could you A. Refund the gold at half pric aka 500 or just get the guild off the map and my friends IGN is Jashin

once all members leave a guild, the guild should disappear with all its land and turn into neutral land open for anyone to conquer

Yep, I created Brute Squad, and it's still on the map even though I'm not in it:

This is basically the same problem as I posted in:


Defiantly a good, worthwhile post! You have the Vigilantes support.


I think another is the possibility of moving the Guild for their territory, as well as colour change. Some guilds appear directly on top of the other, or just have one color.