Tribe Links - Difficulties

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 4

Topic of Interest: As you know the [VGL] guild has been around before guilds were implanted in the game, with a good premise to help the community. But an error along the way has stalled us and that is the common mystery of certain people not being able to accept guild invitational links through chat and/or Discord.

Description of Issue: It's been described as, "It pops up, and goes away. Once again, I am stuck with nothing again." At the current time I am writing this post, two of my members have tried everything to fix this issue on their side and nothing works. Why is this the case? Is this a long-term or short-term problem? Is there anything that we (as a guild) can do to help fix this issue with Tribes?


This post is directed in the Bugs and Questions section, although I have directed it into the bugs section.


the tab pops up and then goes away once you click it on discord and then the link expires. Its annoying, especially trying to recruit people on wilds discord.

Just give the public link. But yeah the one time link doesn't work.

You can always kick anyone who enters that you don't want, and then create a new public link.


Still this need be repaired because now this is just inoperative function.