Session cookie for guest & Charge attack holding fix

TheGhostInTheMachine 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 6

I was thinking about the current guest framework and I had the following thought:

What if you were to implement a feature by which a cookie was created that only lasted until the browser was closed (session cookie see answer to this stack overflow question) so that the amount of bones and the arena rank of guests was saved until the browser was closed? It would allow for more guest 1v1 in allowing guests to have a temporary score. As an aside, you could add a guest scoreboard under the trophy menu on the start screen to list the highest ranking currently playing guests.

Also, because of the 1 post per week rule, here's another idea:

A time out for the charge attack. Simple as that. After something like 3-5 seconds, the charge attack "times out" (the attack just disappears, it doesn't discharge). This would solve the problem of people holding the attack for ever then letting go after people block. Or, alternatively, have the attack drain the stamina bar the longer it's held, then have it disappear (not discharge).


Hymm i have Interesting idea about charge counter. Maybe kick should disarm enemy who currently use charge? Also now is only 2 good ways to break ready charged attack, axe and bow special attack. Kick and roll also can break this but in most situations you got dmg.

About cookies: first will be good do test, and check how long guests play in pvp.

I really like the idea of kick disarming charge holders +1

I use charge attack because I can't use normal attack as reliably because of kick and block to be honest, if kick somehow disarms charge then it can become like block counter for way too many attacks. It is also only one of two ways to close distance with fleeing opponent reliably(other being dash).

Block blocks: Normal attack, charge attack, ranged attacks, kicks, other blocks when used with dash, goblins, sword abbility, knockout from axe waves.

Kick blocks or counters: Normal attack, ranged attacks, enemies kicking earlier than you, rolling.

Personally I already feel there are way too many ways to block all the time if you and your enemy know how to which leads to either one player following and attacking other player that can easily counter attack because he is fleeing then easily using right answer for possible attacks.


I agree. That's why there should be a time out when it just releases.

Good idea egz I like the dis arming idea i thought of it to but i just didnt wanna post the idea

+1 to both ideas. They will make the game more balanced and welcoming for guests.