Wildsio Rank reset?

fonky(aguy) 3 years ago 0

TL;DR - Reset score every 3-4(or per year) months. This allows for a more accurate representation of skill. At the end of every season, a bonus should be given out to EVERYONE, higher tiers getting more stuff.

It's been a while since I've last posted, but before the next big update, I just wanted to propose a simple change, SEASONS.

This means that every 3-4 months(or a year) all wilds.io scores would be reset(or lower to a range[say, under 50]). This allows new players to have a chance to compete on the leaderboard (increasing player retention). This also stops no-longer active players from clogging up space.

EG: In 1v1, say I get 1000 score, right now I can camp first place without playing any more matches, making it very difficult to dethrone me, however if there are seasons, I would lose my 1000 score, so if my skills has degraded, or if I no longer play, people will be able to compete as usual.

This will also make score a more accurate representation of actual skill.

I suggest a bonus for everyone at the end of the season:

100 gold - everyone

150 gold - people on the leaderboards

200 gold - top 20

300 gold - top 10

350 gold - top 3

500 gold - top 1

This makes collecting score actually worthwhile.

(Also Rezoner, you should add more skins and stuff to make maxed out players want to get more gold)