Meele weapons damage

thebadman 3 years ago 0

Right now Sword is king of meele combat, abbility gives pretty long godmode compared to maul, is easy to use on defence and attack and is not as situational unlike axe or noob hostile like maul.

1/2 damage finishers do not seem to ignore armor anymore, but charge attack still can. Why not fix it only partially on meele weapons and leave it only on axe? If you are barely standing that punch to face could kill you then sharp and heavy 2h axe should finish you easily no matter how good plate armor you could wear.

Maul probably too could do something similiar when enemy wears armor but then it would be axe with charge abbility, it is howewer heavy weapon and attempt to block it with shield could lead to victim bashing himself with shield and taking small amount of damage or simply resulting in knockback that will not let stunned attacker be punished that easily or combo with environmental hazards.

Nobody sane now buys maul or use axe if they have other weapon, anything that could make people willingly buy and use them will make battles crazier than usual sword whirlwind wars and I think it fits Wild atmosphere more.