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Rezoner, I can not take it anymore.

Fast Killer 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

Rezoner, is it possible that I need to record a video? They just do not fight anymore. Just run carry this new special by loading, it's then come back to kill you. There is no more grace, come back with the old system of kills, and remove this special of loading.

Under review

Please a little bit more patience - this will be fixed with the next update that will still take a while.

I agree with the Topic, I really miss the old battle system. ;-;


Hey, don't cry, it's not that bad. Yes, charged attack spoils the game, that's the consensus, but actually charged attack spammers are pretty easy to deal with if you realize what they are doing. I spam charged attack too, it is the safest way of slaughtering noobs, but it simply doesn't work against real pros.

The mistake most people make dealing with charge spammers is being tricked into believing that the enemy is running away. Following someone is a tactical mistake, they will know exactly what you will do next. And while you are preoccupied with trying to catch them, you forget to protect yourself. I hope this realization will help you against them.

charged attack cooldown?


I disagree for the most part. The combat system has improved by leaps and bounds since the old wilds.io. This is exemplified by the new weapons, the dash, and the removal of the Berserker.

I do not understand why the charge attack is so bad. There are many ways to counter it. Some methods include:

  • Block and dash: If close enough to the opponent, block while dashing through them. This will knock them down, cancelling their charged attack and leaving you the opportunity to flee or deal some extra damage.
  • Roll and dash: While rolling away from the opponent, dash in the same direction. It grants you a great deal of distance that the opponent cannot immediately match because they are charging an attack.
  • Charge attack away: If dash is not available, use charge attack away from the opponent. Assuming there is some distance between you and the opponent, you should be safe from the next charge attack.
  • Special attack (rmb + mouse wheel up): If using the axe or the sword, attack towards the opponent. The axe's shockwave attack will knock them down, and the sword's special will grant a period of invincibility regardless of whether you land the attack. If using the hammer, attack away from the opponent to achieve a safe distance. Both the ranged special attacks will allow some time to escape, assuming they hit the opponent.