More Explaining?

KingLuigi716 7 years ago updated by D3matt 7 years ago 3

So I took a really, REALLY long break from this game and when I started playing again I realized that there were all these new mechanics like the shops and currency/bones that wasn't really explained during the tutorial or anywhere. I ended up digging up dev logs about those changes and I still don't get how the currency works.

I know how the way I'm explaining this it just seems like a "me" problem but I know there are people who wouldn't even look at the dev logs and won't have any idea what's with the currency

All I'm suggesting is maybe a few more lines in the "Help" tab explaining those things

Thanks for Reading


Currency - basically allows you to buy better weapons, as well as skins to make you look cool.

You can get coins by killing people or from chests.

Bones - are a sort of scoring mechanism, whenever you kill someone they drop half their bones(or 2 if they have none), and if you pick them up they gets recorded to your overall score, as well as your in game ranking. There's a top 100 or something with the people who'v collected the most bones.

Shops - basically if you press and hold an item you have in your inventory, throwing it, and if you throw it at a shop it will throw back the item that is displayed. So lets say you need health, and you have a knife, well you can exchange your knife for health.

Hope that helps.

I agree. I see so much people who is suprised when i trade items or they not know how use more advanced moves.

I think i make post about tutorial for game which should appear after joining game. I meant totally basic mechanics like this in "help" but with few pages and pics for more understanding.

Agreed. I had no idea about trading until I saw somebody else do it. I also had no idea there was a daily gold limit or what bones were actually FOR. The game could definitely use a more fleshed-out help section.