Beastmaster Class

Kyle Sang 3 years ago updated by Çağdaş Demiralp 3 years ago 4

My idea was a beastmaster class that would act as a zoning character similar to diep.io's minion controlling, necromancer class. While I know your are currently working on the shaman I thought this could be added later in the future. The beastmaster would be a character heavily reliant on spacing and good placement of minions, due to low health, low movement, or low attack damage(low self-defense to balance). A player could start out with a wolf or minion that would be killable, but revives or regenerates some time after death. Furthermore, the minion's actions could be controlled by holding down left mouse like an archer does to shoot. This would make the player vulnerable and unable to attack or defend, but able to put any minions between any enemies in order to defend and attack for them. While the beastmaster only starts with a wolf, my suggested ability is a way to get more. By using the ability while your mouse hovers on a npc, the minion will then join the group. Goblins would be instant, and bears (or possibly sand worms in the future) will be tamed at low health. These minions would be restored to full health upon tame, but will not revive on death. The weapon skin could be a spear, club, or maybe a whip. If you do see this, and decide to add it ingame please add minion damages, minion cap, max roam distance, minion ai, and other balancing features. Keep up the good work Rezoner!

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Like this! It helps to let players see what you are saying, rather than a Donald Trump wall of text.


Also the idea seems pretty good, just please don't make this into another game that already exists.

Alright, thanks for the advice.


This is is really cool class and i would love to see this in the game