Upgrade weapons

drrrt964 4 years ago updated by Çağdaş Demiralp 3 years ago 1

Hello! I'm Balusin in the game :)

well, this is my idea, why no upgrade the weapons?

For example the axe... pay 1000 coins for upgrade it, and now his special attack is more bigger, and faster.

Another example: the hammer, pay 1500 coins and upgrade it... area of special attack increase (double of size), also maybe can had 2 upgrades... pay another 2000 coins and now the special attack of hammer stun enemy, even with the blocking.

The Sword is some hard, because it is already OP in the game... but maybe could be than for his upgrade add an aura (blue) when realise his special attack (like Link in legend of Zelda xD), and deal damage even with the blocking (like the special attack of the axe), but that will be little -1 or -2 damage. And of course... pay 3000 coins for that upgrade.

The bow is easy... that than, we all want.... pay 3000 coins and in his special attack shoot 3 fire arrows :)

The image of the weapons can change, for each upgrade.

And that will be all :)

I hope they at least take these ideas into account in the future ^_^ or help for others ideas.

I really like this game, it's the best game .io for me :3

So.. what do you think guys? :)