Smaller maps?

Lordy 2 years ago • updated by xJoseph Coolx 2 years ago 2

Personally, I like the smaller maps better (very first one, and one with shops and stuff). This big map for ruins (not even a "ruins" anymore) is a bit much especially when there aren't a lot of people and stuff and I gotta try to search them out. This is very time consuming! Its like hide and seek :( :( :( I think smaller gameplay was better! Please consider adding the older maps to another game mode or something!


I like bigger maps, like the old desert map. If they're too small they feel cramped and claustrophobic (one of the reasons I don't play CTF), and when there are a lot of noobs on it's basically just slaughter. The new system is nice because it's not so much about killing people then it is about killing the guys who have the most bones. I hardly ever kill people who don't have bones now, unless they attack me. I actually find it kind of fun to hunt people down too. The last two old Ruins maps were basically just go to spawn and kill everyone, die, repeat.