Selecting text causes auto movement.

Mr Soccer aka Virtuoso 7 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 7 years ago 3

If you hold down the mouse for doing a charge attack , and the mouse goes across the text and you are moving at the same time. The character will then continue to move in the same direction. It is then tricky to deselect the text and you have to press movement buttons to stop the auto movement. Please fix this, it is very annoying!

P.s. the text I most notice this for is the text for the queue in football etc,whilst in ruins, not sure if there are others.

I found it in old wilds.io and if you are going anywhere but you want to say something, you can just use your auto movement and write what you want. If you don't want it, then just don't move and write. Second option is more dangerous because of stupids who doesn't know that you are using chat and they kill you.

just do WASD or ZQSD depends of your keyboard uses