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CTF: a new hole in the wall (this time a good thing?)

Shardana 7 years ago updated by Leap 7 years ago 5

There Is a hole in the wall of the CTF map:

Image 751

Image 752

Image 753

But I wouldn't take it away, for once...
This is even making me think that it might improve the map!
Since now you added the cliffs in the whole perimeter of the map, if people had the opportunity to go outside the walls it would be a very nice addition.
There could be some "spots" in which is possible to go outside, to walk all the way where another spot is. Maybe 3 or 4 of them.
I must say, one of my favorite things in CTF is to be chased down while I bring the flag back in the base! If I can use multiple routes apart from the usual ones it adds a little more variation!

i did get on the mountain there is a hole

Do you mean it's possible to go beyond the cliff?

Under review

Could you show me that hole

I found it. It's near the bear team's base. Under the wall:

Can i ask you something rezozer?