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Adding Cacti

Pickle Queen 7 years ago updated by Holidayhome 7 years ago 13

I would like to propose the idea of adding cacti in game. Not only would they add to the desert map in terms of appearances, they could also provide a new way to injure people and fill any bare locations with obstacles. If you run into a cactus or are kicked into it, you could lose a small portion of health. It could add even more diversity to the numerous ways you can injure players.


Damn, I really like this idea! Nice job.


Thanks, Kray!

Under review

Heh I even have some ready for our mech game that is also suited in desert

Love it, fits into the desert a lot better than the other trees. :)

looks amazing

it is very good idea, and can give another good mechanics to the game. Good job o/

What do you mean by mechanics? Graphics alone doesn't bring mechanics - these cactuses would have to do something special.

They might hurt if you bump into them! This would make for an hilarious chase.

Do you want me to bring back loosing hp if running into a wall :P ?


Exactly what say Shardana. But please not walls dmg. This sometimes deal 1k dmg and instant kill XD

Yeah, Cacti would be awesome.