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Add second floor

Александр Козырнов 7 years ago updated by Pashka 7 years ago 9

My idea is a second floor. I think that it is possible to make the ladder vertical and horizontal, to make omissions, fences in some places and so on... about when you are on the first floor, the second floor is almost invisible (for example 95% of invisibility). Using this idea it is possible to make compact the structure and make the fortress of the clan\gang... Was translated with Google, if something don't criticize my English))) Rezoner I want your icon))))

Under review

I cannot - the engine can't handle having two floors. The game has only X and Y axis - we can fake a lot but we cannot have for example a bridge that you can walk under.

If you can make walls that allow you to exit from oneside but dont allow you to enter,couldnt you just make bridges similar,using that same principal,Like to cross a bridge you would need to be at a certain cordinate to be able to move across it without falling thru,then just make the bridge act as a wall(Lowering the alpha level so that you could see yourself) while allowing you to pass thru it

what if when you walk into the ladder it takes you to another website like www.wilds.io/Floor2? and using the google account thats registered it carries over the items?

It would be interesting, but maybe it would be too taxing for a browser based game?
Also, I think the game would have to be redesigned completely for something like that to be implemented.


To be honest everything I add makes the game less and less successful :)

Seems that most IO players don't want graphics and deep mechanics - they want it to run on a toaster and it should load super quick.

Maybe one day the game will need to be a downloadable game, I seriously like it! I'm playing it like I never did with an online game!

I'm thinking that... did you think the hypothesis that maybe the game is advertised to the wrong people? Have you tried the "hardcore gamers" communities? Because maybe the game is too "technical" and complex for people who just want to pass time without restrictions or too much challenge. Maybe you should try with an audience that likes deep mechanics like Dark Souls fans, even Overwatch fans. Puzzle game and RPG aficionados etc. The game seems to be more appealing to that kind of gamer than the "hit 10 minutes and close" one.
I mean, people that would be willing to install the game (it's not a donwloadable game of course, but if it was they would install it in their computer).

Also, it would be bad to see the game losing its shape just to appeal to a wider audience. I would like to see an increase in complexity and strategy in the future.
I myself I'm not that great in combat (lol) but I have lots of fun even when I lose.

I think that's the worst thing about this game - too complex for agario fans - too simple for Steam.

I can put it on greenlight for nuts.