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CTF is unplayable.

Shardana 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 5

It was my favourite mode (I even arrived in 3rd rank), but now it's just unbearably stupid.

People are constantly bringing the flag outside the map, stopping the whole game.
I just want to play, and these people have fun disrupting the experience to others. Why do you do that? What's the pro? Where's the "fun" if it can even be called that way?

I really just got tired of CTF. Isn't there any solution to this problem?


Maybe you should suggest an idea not moan about it and expect it to be fixed :)

The map has flaws that have been pointed out multiple times to the main developer. Nothing has changed yet.
I get that he's thinking about 1000 things all alone at the moment. At the same time... isn't that enough to correct the parts that permit that to happen? Like adding a wall, invisible or not, on the crack present in the upper part of the map. That's were most of the people go out and bring the flag with them.

Now I get what PR is saying... I forgot to choose the right category for the thread. It should be in Bugs not Ideas.

and not enough people play this mode

always bots

Under review

I am disabling CTF until it's fixed.