Paths for the wilds

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 20

Hello, I'm coming with ready-made paths for the game. I hope that thanks to them, each will go to places that may have some meaning as shops, ruins and the like. This is only a small part of the things that I want to designed for this game. Soon expect new projects ;)

Image 680

All sprites:

Image 681



Added yesterday late night :)

Good but it should look a bit more barbaric. As they are barabarians and it should have a bit of a more scarier feel. But overall awesome!


you could put bones on path

I wanted a simple style. You can use them for the winter or forest map too. The only thing you need to do is change the colors of rocks ;)

I do not know how the stones in the desert could be more barbaric :D

Looks very cool :D gg Egz

Good, but too much objects on the map will cause lags :/

One sprite have 1-2 KB so this is not big deal.

Message in Polish (My english isn't very good)

No może i prawda z "wagą" tych ścieżek, jednak, jakby wstawić setki takich "bloków" to może spowolnić grę, nie wszyscy mają dobry sprzęt i internet do takich rzeczy.

Na ekranie przy średniej rozdzielczości wciąż ilość ścieżek będzie bardzo mała w stosunku do reszty otoczenia. Jeśli wilds chodziło Ci w miarę stabilnie w ruinach z podłogami to ze ścieżkami nie będzie problemu :)

can i have link to the art engine i want to try it

I use gimp 2.8

And what do you think about the tents, wooden palisades and things associated with a small camp? Instead of the usual spawn can to make small camps for each of the teams.

I do not want to make a new post for this I ask here.


i found a picture of you as a kid

I was expecting an answer to my question xD (btw. My nick in English means executioner). Egzekutor-eggsecutor this is words game ;p


Added yesterday late night :)

I forgot to write that the elements of what they are. Here you have everything written on the screenshot to better recognize what it combines with others parts: