Changelog 09-02-2017 / Mountains

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 13
+ New map utilizing mountain tiles
+ Mountain mechanics:
| You can fall or jump down from the edge
| You cannot climb the mountain
| Projectiles shoot from below are blocked
+ Replaced USA shield with something that suits the game more 
% Sword rework
| It spins longer, but doesn't launch you with unreasonable speed
% Brought back the old effect when falling into pits
% Added spikes to pit tiles
% Removed ghost effect on knock down
% Fixed grinding bones in football
% Slightly decreased attack speed

-- update 2 --

% Fixed map boundaries
% Projectiles are not blocked by pits
% Fixed wall holes
% Added respawn points for renegades
% Added a few more crates

-- update 3 --
+ Matchmaking group now works for casual modes too
% Long jumps cost stamina
% Ranked games will not give you gold and bones after the game has ended

-- update 4 --
+ Added language filtered chats
% Bots should be removed from soccer match

The new map is more focused on defending certain points, hence I have decided to bring back pedestals with items and decrase amount of crates.

As you can notice there are no "safe rooms" - these were abused too much to grind bones, spam unkillable bots or block a player slot idling.

Let me know how to improve the map.


I Love it. If I had to change something, i'd make it bigger, but that's just me.

There is a wall glitch here:

You can walk through the corner.

And reign in the map borders. I chased a guy in one direction for several minutes before reaching the end

Who deleted my edginess? :(

how do you grind bones though

I think the map not having borders is causing problems. People can stretch it out and it starts lagging. Maybe.

EDIT: Ok, just saw in another post that the map actually has borders, it's just very big.


On map is very hard to survive especially in renegade team. Less amount of boxes make regeneration hard as hell, and when you have top place on scoreboard all try kill you. When you cant regenerate you cant keep score and survive.

Also when you're at the cliff bottom you too often got stun.When you kick, or roll everytime you got stun Cliffs on the bottom probably need work exactly like a wall. I heard that people in the chat a lot on this complain.

Another problem is the size of the map. It is far too large and sometimes players run very far away rather than focus on the fight. I understand that you wanted to do something like a very large desert but in my opinion it should be reduced at least by half. Reaching the end of the map while continuously sprint takes about two minutes.

Last thing I noticed it spawns. Many people die before they manage to escape from the spawn. I think that the renegades should have spawns on the map boundary but not too far from the center. It would have showed that just joined a bandit;]

I think that the map should be more strategic places because most players fight usually only hill in the center. It should add something to encourage players to explore the map, but not to feel lost. I know that this is the first version but I try to help as I can.

The spike pit now blocks projectiles, pls fix.

Was the overal speed of animations changed? Everything feels a lot slower.
Also, in the CTF map there's a bug: it's now possible to walk outside the map.

Another bug: in CTF, regardless of which button I clicked, I could only spawn in the grey team. I was in the Brown team, and after death I just couldn't come back.

how do you grind bones and FIX THEM GLITCHES PLEASE

Love this update. Addresses issues about the sword, adds two points on ruins where battles can happen, each with a different dynamic.



I see a lot more cooperation in the game,the mountians are a great adition

I agree with this update but I feel that it was more graphical