The Sword Is BROKEN

fonky(aguy) 4 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 3 years ago 3

Before anyone dislikes, it is an undeniable fact that the sword is THE MOST POPULAR WEAPON in wilds.io. This causes a bad meta where the sword reigns supreme, no feasible counterplay.

I'm not one to usually make this kind of rebalancing post, but it has gotten to the point where if you want to do well EFFICIENTLY in wilds.io, you MUST use the sword.

The only issue with the sword is its special. It is the ONLY difference between the sword and other melee weapons.

Issues with the special:


The sword special is the best special in the game. It practically guarantees damage every time it's used. The duration makes it hard to block. If an equal skilled opponent performs the sword special, it WILL hit most of the time.

EG: Getting up from falling on the ground, immediately special.

Charging your weapons, special cancels the charge damage, as well as hits .


It is able to close the gap towards ranged weapons, sufficiently cancelling the main advantage ranged users have: RANGE. The invincibility while the special is being performed also allow for one to immediately damage a ranged user as they are charging up their weapon, while not suffering any counter-damage.


In ruins, with the new bones update, the sword has become the go-to weapon. It is able to deal with crowds more than efficiently, and is invincible while spinning, This gives you practically all the bones from the kills you receive, much better than the measly fraction a ranged user receives per kill. No other weapon farms bones as well as the sword.

Proposed Fix:

There are two ways to fix an OP weapon. Change the meta to effectively nerf it, or nerf the weapon itself.


Make the axe special gain the ability to cancel + damage opponent's specials. This gives the axe more of a chance to see play, as well as allowing it to counter the sword special.

The expected result of this will be a rise in axe players, as well as a decrease of sword players, THIS MAKES A HEALTHIER META, by evening up the players and having them play different weapons.


Due to the sword's power coming from it's special, I propose that the sword special have a MUCH LENGTHIER COOLDOWN. This effectively diminishes its use in a 1v1 arena, and makes it more precious for sword users in ruins, as they will only have one try to try to get bones efficiently


The sword special's unexpected burst of speed+invincibility can be a huge issue towards an user, and even skilled players with a bad burst of lag. By making the sword special cover LESS DISTANCE will allow it to be less of an unexpected threat to laggy users, players with a small moniter view, as well as ranged players, while still keeping the heart of the special attack, invincibility and 360 spin. This creates more opportunity to counter play, and prevents mindless special damage.

Listen to this or not, the sword is undeniably breaking the game, making it almost monotonous. All players who wish to do well use the sword, giving very little room to a feasible counter-weapon. A quick look in ruins, and you will find a majority of the players using the sword, which should not be happening in a game where there are 5 EQUALLY POWERED WEAPONS.

-Fonky out

No, this kid isn't me in an alt account. Lol

Great post +1


I think the worst part of the sword special is that it makes you invincible to all player-facilitated attacks, except landmine. This includes knife, arrow, piercing arrow, freeze projectile, etc., and in most cases they've just wasted their item. Like I throw the knife and now it's gone because the used sword special.

I like soloution 1,great idea