get redd of the sprint/slide thing it messes me up

Atticus Pospisil 4 years ago updated by CanadianGator 4 years ago 3

This post is so unconstructive,just because one person doesnt want dash,it should be removed.wow.

Allow me to add onto this, then. I think dash should be put to another key. I'm the type of person who double taps in games similar to this: it's faking movement in order to force a move or dodge an attack. But in this game, double tap makes you dash. Double-tapping means falling into a pit, or spikes, or a trap, or messing up your spacing. In any case, you get hurt. A lot.

In the same theme, I'd like for roll to be made in the same way as dash; although it is supposed to be a guard breaker, it is still a useful burst of movement. I've died several times to a roll I thought was going to go left, while my cursor was facing right.