Add skeletons to get bones in another way

RHAMOS16 7 years ago updated by Khargok Saitama 7 years ago 14

My art pixel is totally different but it's just an example

Image 557

But have to take a 30% chance to fall 3 bones

It gives a 2 damage attack


Interesting idea. But i think bones should be collected only from players. Bones now is a scoring system and with skeletons that gives points players stop fight with other players and go collect bones from skeletons.

Anyway skeletons fits to the ruins and maybe in future you see them in game :)


It's already worse that people are farming with different accounts, adding dumb AI to the equation will worsen it. I agree with you Egzekutor, 100%.



shut up, flamer


The tail wiggle is fucking hilarious!! :D

Vikings vs. Zombies.


That's a tail? :o(

I'm learning to make this kind of animation yet and this is not a tail and I'll also start to consider skyrim V as a zombie game

It would be cool to see a skeleton on rare ocasion

I can do graphics with tombstones and the like. it fits into the ruins, otherwise I'm still in the process of creating several new objects to the game.

This is just an example of the program I used just to do 8-bit animation

What program Please?


It is a site but to download also