Bugs in 3vs3 mode

Egzekutor 4 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 4 years ago 4

In this mode, there are three small bugs that allow you to get an unfair advantage early in the second and third round.

They are not as dangerous as bug bomb but still should be repaired.

1. After winning round if you raise the armor that it passes to the next round. This gives you more health at the beginning of the next round.

2. After using the yellow potion at the end of the round, the effect goes to the next and player can for short time run very fast around the map. This allows access to other items faster than the other players.

3.if you throw items from the inventory at the end of the round, they pass to the next, and you can pick them up because they do not disappear. It even allows you to move all items to the next round if this is done quickly.

I hope Rez you will to fix these errors and to prevent unfair advantages in this mode.

I love this game and i still try make it better for all ;3


Aw i forgot to change the category for bugs...


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