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rankings (and sessions?) are broken

Szymon Pilkowski 3 years ago • updated by wjagodfrey 3 years ago 3

Several issues here:

1. I've just finished a match. I was 1st in terms of individual points, but my team lost; I was told that my ranking is '0' (meaning it shouldn't change). Instead, the progress flag dropped from 90% to the ~middle. Yesterday the same thing happened, except that my team has won (and I was 1st).

2. Sometimes (often) my rating progress (flag) isn't displayed correctly. I have to refresh and then it's fine (unless sometimes it isn't)

3. If I wait for a ranking game, get bored, refresh, join again, I think sometimes my character still gets to play as bot. It happened to me several times that I've met another 'Finn' (my nickname) controlled by a bot.

also, 4.: why is this one a lose for my team?

Under review

Not sure why u are being dowvoted - I am well aware of this error.

I have played games where there is another OGRE as well. Not sure if it was a player or bot (are there bots in wilds?)