Are Bones Necessary?

The Real Pixl 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 4

Bones usually come up when someone dies. However, they leave me wondering are these white collectable sticks NECESSARY? Please comment with your opinion, and upvote if you think this was a helpful forum. Thanks for the support!

I think that it's a good idea, but at the same time it doesn't work 100% for the way it is applied right now.

The ranking system before was based on the sheer number of kills, which is fine. But not all kills are the same: are you a moderately good player that chases down newbies, or a damn good player that chases down newbies? You can see that this way kills raise up considerably but the merit might be relative.

With the bone system the "quality" of your kills have a lot more weight. If someone has a ton of bones, it means that that player is a good-very good player. If you are able to kill him, it probably means that you've been as good as him, or that you outsmarted your opponent.
But at the same time... is it always the case?
So yeah, the bone system is also flawed but to my concern it's better than the kills one.
It should just be refined a bit.

For example, accidental deaths shouldn't give bones to other players, because in that case is just lack of luck or an idiot move, and nobody has a merit over that.


I don't think bones are really needed at all - the simple function of points worked just fine. Bones are usually stolen by those who did little or no work to receive them. Points were a true sign of collective points and skill. Unless bones will be sent to the players score individual score, I really am not in favor of the bone-scoring system.


As I see it, the bones system was applied to address 2 issues:

1. Noob Hunting

2. Range Spam

I agree that the bones adress both issues sufficiently, however I feel that people who use ranged weapons can no longer do so properly.


Instead of bones physically dropping, I propose that people keep the number above their heads, and every time you kill someone, you directly take a designated percentage of score. This prevents people stealing your hard earned kills, or snatching some of your bones. This also stops suicidal moves granting unjust kills.(use same pvp system as doors, if the person falls off/suicides within 10 seconds of being last hit, it counts as a kill) This also cuts down on new bone sprites being generated, reducing lag.

And what if the bones of the opponents were automatically collected by the killer? I mean all bones from dead player first fall on the ground and next fly to player. This allowed to keep bones as trophies and points but also other players will not be able to steal them. Scoring system may be the same but the player will not have to worry and annoy someone steal his trophies. Besides cool to look like a good player falls lot of bones after winning a battle with him. it gives you great satisfaction.