Better shops

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by Sir Killalot 7 years ago 1

When i was playing wilds.io ruins, i go to shop with gold to trade. I saw guy with staff who was just waiting. For what? Here's an answer. I went to that shop and he block a way for my item between me and that shop. Nothing work to his mind. He was from my team so I was unable to kill him, and he didn't understand english. I was moving and he was moving too to still block the way between me and shop. Enemies wasn't coming and he was just waiting. Finally I got a chance to throw an item, but he used boost mixture ("wut what was wut?!") and i rotated in last moment. Bomb has been thrown to a window. He catched it and he trade my bomb for coin. This is why i have this idea: You have to jump into the shop and then throw item. People in shop can't catch it and they can be attacked still (because they could be visible) by enemies. Of course, you can still throw item from outside, but there is risk then someone will catch it in last moment. So this is simple: Jump into the shop, you are inside it and you can throw safely to get an item/coin.

better soloution,stand next to shop and throw item into shop and a coin animation above your head apears to let you know you sold it