Bow/shield problems.

Shardana 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

I wrote this already in the past, but I see that the issue persists. In some ways it is even worst than before.
The special attack ("R" attack) doesn't work a heck of a lot of times. Sometimes it makes the sound of a normal arrow with no actual arrow in sight (and no damage at all). Sometimes the special attack has the animation with the fire arrow visible, but when it hits the target nothing at all happens. No damage.

Also, Don't know why, but if I attack someone who possesses the flag the normal arrow attack won't work at all! Either you use the special attack (if it doesn't give the aforementioned problems) or normal hits, normal arrows don't make any difference.

Also, this is not necessarily related to the bow, but still: spammers are still a big, big problem.
The shield is flawed as well, and if I walk towards a spammer with the shield raised up, I get killed for no reason.

I wrote these things many times in the past, I hope you're finally going to listen to me, because I like this game a lot but these bugs are ruining the experience to me, and they're getting worse with time.

If you have to downvote at least explain the reason.


Well, if it is so difficult to believe what I write (and this isn't the first time I receive downvotes while reporting this kind of problems) maybe I should make a video with all the things I'm mentioning.
It makes me think that there are people that abuse of spamming who don't want their undeserved advantage get spoiled, I'm not accusing all of the people who might disagree with my report of course, but many of them for sure.


sorry I clicked the wrong button 😌, but I've seen this happen to other because I do not have the bow.


ok! sometimes I receive downvotes for no reason when I report stuff like this, so that's why I was defending the post. It got ignored way too many times!

you keep going ay it though 😃